Nouman Ali Khan
about 3 years ago

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
I pray you’re all doing well and are in good health and in a state of strong faith. I planned an elaborate trip spanning 9 cities in the month of March before the start of Ramadan. I was truly excited about the opportunity until news of the Corona virus spreading unpredictably made me seriously reconsider. After discussing the matter with colleagues I, friends and scholars I decided to postpone my tour. Some reached out and said you... shouldn’t be afraid and still go forward for the sake of Allah. Allah controls life and death brother. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Our religion promotes many values and one of them is certainly that life and death are entirely in Allah’s hands. Yet another pillar value is our concern for the well being of others. Regardless of whether a disease is lethal for the many or just a select few that are more susceptible, the caution to preserve well being is in fact an act of faith. People coming in a large gathering to a giant hall having traveled from different countries through busy airports, train and bus stations and taxis etc are exposed to an unknown number of people that may not even know that they are spreading a contagion. A thousand people sitting in a hall and someone coughs on someone and they get sick at a time where such a warning is publicly declared is, in my opinion, best delayed until things calm down. The risk of a single life being harmed outweighs the benefit as far as I see it. And it’s not just a matter of being harmed but also that of spreading that harm further to loved ones and those in ones proximity. The unpredictability of the circumstances call for caution especially when organizing large gatherings. That’s the view I found most convincing. I’m sure because this is social media there will be every array of opinion on the matter but I thought I should make mine transparent. Allah knows best.

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